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Cost Management

We believe in equal importance of both aspects of the cost management.

Cost Planning and Design Decisions

In GI we understand that the cost management should be made integral part of the design process and that each decision on the scope or quality of the project should be made with the view on its impact on the project cost. By evaluating alternative designs against the client’s value criteria for function, quality and durability, we enable the design team to optimise the design to fit within the client''s budget. Our objective is that project design meets not only the client''s aspirations, but also the client''s budget.

Cost Engineering and Cost Control

Key objective of GI cost engineering is to arrive at accurate cost estimates and schedules and to avoid cost overruns and delays. We exercise cost control through formal change control procedures and regular cost reporting, which gives up-to-date cost information to our client and provides a trail of changes against an approved budget.

Specifically we:

  • Monitor financial plans
  • Review documents regulating financial relationship between the investor and the contractors
  • Review and accept finished works in terms of quantities
  • Control and certify interim and final calculations of works
  • Prepare the price analysis for extra and contingent works
  • Estimate the value of the works completed