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Auto Hrvatska's Business Center in Heinzelova Street

  • Commercial, Office & Complex Buildings
  • Services rendered: Engineering Supervision
  • Project size: 30.000 m2
  • Project value: 20 million €
  • Project period: 2010 - 2012
  • Investor: Auto Hrvatska Ltd.
Commercial Building "Business center Heinzelova" in Zagreb is constructed as a new building with seven floors for office space, two underground levels with parking places and restaurant and cafe bar within the building. GI performed engineering and financial supervision of the project.

Situated on place which is for long years in possession of investor Auto Hrvatska Joint Stock Company, The Project "Business center Heinzelova" was developed. It is designed as commercial building with six floors for office spaces, higher ground floor with a gallery containing representative parlor areas, car service facilities, car wash and car estimation places and two underground floors with 350 parking places and technical support facilities.

Office spaces are designed modular so they can be redesigned due to users requirements. Restaurant and coffee bar are inside the Business center as a separate units. Environmental of the building is designed with free access, no fences and with representative public square which is approaching the building to the public.