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Rector's Palace in Zadar

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  • Commercial, Office & Complex Buildings
  • Services rendered: Supervision
  • Project size: 2.632,00 m2
  • Project value: 37 mil. kn
  • Project period: 2017
  • Investor: City of Zadar
Rector's Palace is a cultural and historical object (the Cultural Heritage, marking no.: P-5029). Reconstruction of the Rector's Palace is the first functional part of a whole reconstruction project, upgrading and conversion of a set of the Rector's i Provudir's Palace, which will consolidate in one place museum, concert hall, hall for temporary exhibitions, a video gallery, a multimedia hall and representative halls decorated in different historical styles.

The project includes the reconstruction of the whole of the Rector's Palace with an inner courtyard, sprinkler station with tank water, VRV units and aggregates, temporary staircase with implemented a piece of lifting platform, and the performance of the substation.

On the Rector's Palace are made archaeological investigations, conservation and restoration works on the restoration of stone, stone sculpture, restoration of the existing fragments - wall murals, reconstruction, restoration and gilding ceilings - stucco and the walls.

The project of equipping of the Rector's Palace included equipping the type and mounting equipment and multimedia equipment, which including equipment in the Concert Hall like lighting, audio and video equipment.

The role of GI has been providing tehnical and financial supervision over the reconstruction and equipping of the Rector's Palace in Zadar, as well as the Coordinator for occupational safety and health during construction work and consulting - FIDIC Engineer according to the FIDIC Red Book, advising the Client.