Railway Dugo Selo - Križevci reconstruction and construction


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GI provides complete technical and financial supervision at the railway project - Reconstruction of the first track and second track construction at section of Dugo Selo - Križevci according to the FIDIC Red Book.

The project has been recognized as one of the priorities of modernization of the railway network in the Republic of Croatia and is a part of a major project to establish a High efficiency double-track railway line for mixed traffic on the entire Mediterranean Corridor which connects the Iberian Peninsula via the port of Rijeka, Zagreb and Budapest with the Hungarian-Ukrainian border.

Dugo Selo-Križevci is the first part of the northern major corridor and given that the single track is electrified subjects to many restrictions and speed limitations and is considered as one of the bottlenecks of this part of the corridor. Therefore, the aim of this project is to fit the existing corridor with double tracks with better usage properties which will meet the requirements for the transport corridor and reception of interoperable freight trains, increasing the capacity of the railway traffic and the quality of life of people along the railroad with significant investment in noise reduction. In addition, it will significantly reduce the travel time from Dugo Selo to Križevci which will represent a saving of around 4 million euros by 2017.

The planned activities on the project include the construction of a second track on the entire track section length of 38.2 km, construction of 17 new railroads and two pedestrian crossings, construction of 11 new overpasses, one road underpass and 6 pedestrian underpasses, upgrade of fixed electrical drag installations, modernization of signaling and telecommunication devices and the construction of 37 kilometers of service road beside the track.

 SERVICES: A complete professional and financial supervision


COST:  1,239,557,818.93 kn without VAT

EU CO-FINANCING: 1,053,624,146.09 kn without VAT

PROJECT DURTION: 27. 5. 2016 - 27. 2. 2020

BENEFICIARY: Croatian Railways Infrastructure