Project ACI Marina Slano, Dubrovnik


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GI group provides the following services in this project: Financial and Technical supervision, FIDIC Engineer according to the FIDIC red and yellow books (*) and Coordinator II – works Health and Safety supervision. 

GI's engineer Ines Pean made a press statement about ACI Marina Slano build-up progress.

ACI Marina Slano is the first investment from ACI Club d.d. after 24 years.

The Marina has a land area of 66,279 m2 with capacity for 200 yachts length of up to 20 meters. Construction works include interventions in the coastline and over/in  the sea area.

Works over/in these areas include mole construction works and a seawall (pontoon) structure 688 meters long. The landside works include construction of a reception and office buildings, restaurant with terrace and outdoor pool.


Investor: ACI Club d.d.

Project value: 41.000.000,00 HRK (landside works) / 16.300.000,00 HRK (works in/over sea)