Construction of free-flight aviary for African birds

Construction of free-flight aviary for African birds

GI Group is conducting supervision of reconstruction and construction of the Zagreb ZOO.

As part of the modernization of the Zagreb ZOO in progress is the construction of the aviary for African birds consisting of the inner and outer enclosures. The exterior of the enclosures is improper orthogonal footprint shape, will cover more than 1000 m2 with a height of 12 m, to enable the free flight of birds. The aviary is made up of a wire mesh that has stretched on slender steel columns with a maximum height of 12 m in the central zone, while the boundary columns of variable height of 6 – 8 m. The aviary provides the opportunity for visitors to enter and experience the world of birds without any boundaries.

The total value of anticipated costs for free-flight aviary for African birds is 4.221.712,77 HRK.

Investor: The City of Zagreb / Zagreb ZOO

Construction period: April 2015. – September 2016.

Project value: 37.853.343,04 HRK

Project is co-financed by EU, EFRR found


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